Divorce 101 is a community service that provides information for couples who want to learn more about the divorce process.  Our goal is to help reduce the number of families who suffer financially as a result of divorce, due to poor divorce planning, or lack of understanding of the resources, information, or expertise available.

Our Divorce 101 program is run by experts, which include:

financial advisors, family law attorneys, mediators, and self care coaches.  


The Divorce 101 program runs on the first saturday of every month,

and includes 4 one hour workshops and 

registration is always open, space permitted.

We provide 4 hours of expertise in these areas for only $35 ($60 couple),

which normally cost $500-$800.

Register for our upcoming Divorce 101 Community Sessions, happening the first Saturday of every month from 9am to 2pm!
Dates for 2019 Sessions:
October 5  (Closed)
November 2
December 7


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